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Welcome to the World of Moon

          A live theatrical production


An epic adventure about a girl who journeys through worlds of the imagination to find the moon and discover her own deepest truth.

Moon blends dance with hauntingly beautiful music, prose,  and state-of-the-art scenery to create an Experience.  A true celebration of the performing arts, Moon seamlessly fuses art forms to tell a truly captivating story that celebrates the beauty and complexity of what it means to be human.


Moon transcends cultural boundaries through the universal language of the arts, and all dialogue of Moon will be translated to accommodate each country in which it will be performed. 

Created by Emmy-nominated and multiple award-winning Director/Choreographer Nicole Romine, Indigo Hughes is the Production Liason. Moon is currently in pre-production.



What do you do when having the person you love means sacrificing everything you want? 

Logline: When an American boxer falls in love at a Kyoto Teahouse, all hell breaks loose in the structured, forbidden world of the Geisha. Complications arise when their risky union ignites a firestorm of anger, jealousy, and greed, leading them to doubt their future and puts their lives in jeopardy.  Unable to stop the twisted truths, threats, and societal prejudice, the lovers must choose which sacrifices they will make for love, and those they won't, even if it means the ultimate solution leads to death.

Set in 1930's Japan, KYOTO fuses western ideals with eastern traditions, using lovers as a backdrop to societal discrimination, culture clashes, and dishonorable intentions. 

Written and created by Indigo Hughes with original songs that fuse Big Band Swing and traditional Japanese melodies with a twist. KYOTO is currently in pre-production.

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